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Water Awareness


The Water Cycle
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Welcome To My Water Awareness Web Site!

The water cycle is a never ending continuous cycle, it is very important to our very existence. The water cycle enables us to have drinking water, grow crops, plants, trees, grass etc. It enables living beings on earth to survive, because without fresh water we could not survive.

Water is an integral part of life on this planet. It is an generally odorless, tasteless, substance that covers more than three-quarters of the Earth's surface. Most of the water on Earth, 97% to be exact, is salt water found in the oceans. We can not drink salt water or use it for watering crops because of the salt content. It is possible to remove the salt from ocean water, but the process is very expensive.

Only about 3% of the Earth's water is fresh. Two percent of the Earth's total water (approximately two thirds of all fresh water) is in solid form, such as ice and glaciers. Because it is frozen and so far away, the fresh water in ice caps is not available for use by people or plants. That leaves about 1% of all the Earth's water in a form useable to humans and land animals. Being such a small percent of the world's water, we have to make sure we are water wise. This fresh water is found in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and in the ground. (A small amount of water is found as vapor in the atmosphere.)

With the earth only having so little fresh water, it is imperative that we use our water efficiently and conserve this precious resource. My website will  demonstrate the water cycle and it's stages. It will also cover the importance of saving water and having water awareness. I hope you find the site informative and user friendly.


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